Study: A woman’s age is a major factor in the type of plastic surgery she chooses

A medical study conducted by a number of Turkish scientists monitored the changes in women’s view of major and qualitative changes in the appearance of the face associated with age. The study indicated that age is the decisive factor in crystallizing a woman’s attitude towards the type of cosmetic surgery she is looking forward to.


The authors of the study said that the desire for change is the greatest concern for women in the age of twenty, especially the nose and skin, while the skin surrounding the eye area is the main concern for her when she completes her third decade and enters the fourth, while anxiety becomes the most prominent and most important feature in the thinking of the fiftieth woman with the sagging that occurs For the skin in the jaw area and the appearance of wrinkles frequently.


Commenting on the study, Dr. Sanjay Prashar, founder of Cocoona, said: “All women of all ages hold in their minds special perceptions about the standards of beauty and attractiveness that must be met by facial features. And they crystallize certain visions about how to deal with the skin in a way that suits each age group separately.”


He added, “As experts in the field of cosmetology, we can identify the different aesthetic requirements of women even without explicitly asking for it, by relying on the age of the woman and our ability to understand what is going on in their minds and identify the citizens they want to change or modify.”


The study included a large segment of women who frequent cosmetic clinics for consultations. The questions focused on the main facial features that a woman pays attention to when she stands in front of a mirror or those that attract her attention when she sees another woman. The questions also included the most facial features that women would like to change if given the opportunity to do so.


The results showed that the aesthetic requirements differ according to age, but women can be classified into two main groups: women aged between 20-30 years and the other group that includes women aged 40-50 years.


Dr. Barchard concluded: “From my point of view, I believe that a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to determine what a woman wants in advance, even before she mentions anything, by reading the features of her face and her aesthetic requirements. I personally believe that this part is what distinguishes a plastic surgeon from Another besides being able to give the right advice

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