Strawberry Trifle Recipe


Trifle is a very delicious dessert spread from England to the world. This light dessert, which brings together different flavors such as fruit, cream and biscuit, is also very stylish with its presentation. This time, we made a strawberry trifle, but forest fruits also suit this flavor. Then come our strawberry trifle recipe …

4 – 6 People

30-60 minutes

Materials for making

1 packet of catfish biscuits

1 cup of strawberry jam

Quarter cup strawberry juice (You can also dilute the jam)

1 pack of strawberry jelly

1 pack of vanilla pudding

2 glasses of cream

Half a glass of powdered sugar

To decorate:


Strawberry Trifle Recipe How?

Prepare the jelly with the recipe on the package and set aside to harden.

Divide the biscuits in half.

Spread jam on their flat surface and stick them together like a sandwich.

Place the sandwiches well on the bottom of the bowls and sprinkle with strawberry juice.

Whisk the hardened jelly with a mixer and turn it into foam.

Spread the foam on the sandwiches.

Prepare and cool the pudding as described on the package.

Pour the cooled pudding over the foam.

Whisk cream and icing sugar in a deep bowl until thick.

Spread the cream over the pudding.

Garnish with fruits and serve. Enjoy your meal

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