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Strawberry Mask Recipe for Pregnancy Spots

Strawberry Mask Recipe for Pregnancy Spots






2 Strawberries


2 Apricots


Half Cucumber


Preparation and application:


Combine all ingredients in a bowl.


Make a puree with the help of a food processor or blender.


Apply the prepared mixture by massaging with your fingertips to the areas where the spots occur as a result of pregnancy.


Wait 25 minutes.


Wash with plenty of cold water.


Dry with a towel.




Apply regularly to the areas with spots 3 times a week. According to the application frequency at other times, according to the reduction of the stain; You can apply it once a week or once in 10 days.


Before applying the mask, clean your skin thoroughly with soap.


Applying the mask in a circular motion with fingertips while applying; allows the mask to act on the lower layers of the skin.


Perform an allergy test against the products in the material. Before applying it to your face, try it on one area of ​​your hand and wait for 30 minutes. If it does not show any symptoms such as itching, burning and redness, you can easily try it on your face.


This mask recipe is especially effective in passing blemishes around the eyes.


Strawberry mask has many benefits on the skin. The main ones are;


It creates a peeling effect on the skin.


It provides deep cleansing of the skin.


It is anti-aging. It prevents the formation of wrinkles.


Thanks to the acid in its content, it eliminates the problem of oiling on the skin.


It provides you with a brighter and well-groomed skin and a radiant skin appearance.


It prevents acne.


Apricot and cucumber used in the mask other than strawberries; It supports the formation of a more beautiful skin. It provides even faster solution to the problem. Cucumbers and apricots are already indispensable in the cosmetic world. In addition, our mask is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can easily make supplements that the skin needs. Thus, the skin is both repaired and nourished healthier.

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