Strawberry mask recipe for dull skin

If you have a dull skin and are fed up of using creams and other lotions to lighten and brighten it in vain, do not worry. Today, through this page, we will guide you to the right path by showing you the funny way of making a strawberry mask for healthy and fresh skin by yourself at home, as strawberries contain vitamin C in addition to other substances. Another antioxidant that gives the skin freshness and lightening and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, as vitamin C attacks free radicals and also helps to produce collagen, so continue reading with us.

strawberry mask

First: the ingredients of the strawberry mask:

You will need: strawberry – yogurt – lemon juice – honey – knife and fork

Second: Steps to apply the mask

1- Cut four or five strawberries into small pieces and mash them well using a fork

2- Put a quarter cup of mashed strawberries in a bowl.


3- Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon to it

4- Add to this mixture as well a tablespoon of yogurt

5- Mix a tablespoon of honey with them

6- Now mix these ingredients together very very well until the mixture becomes homogeneous

7- Now the mask is ready for use

8- To use it, follow these steps:

Clean your face and remove any makeup from it

Then spread the mask on your face and neck area

Massage your face to stimulate the exfoliation process

Leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes

Then wash it with water and repeat this mask once or twice a week


Tips :

If you can’t mash the strawberries well with a fork you can put them in a blender instead – you can also mix the ingredients together in the blender

If the mask is too liquid, you can add two tablespoons of oats to it until it becomes more cohesive, as oats are also important for skin health because it helps absorb oils and exfoliate the skin

You can make the mask in another way by mixing two tablespoons of honey with 5 or 6 strawberries

The benefit of strawberries is not limited to the mask only, as you can eat strawberries as well to get their health benefits for the skin and the body in general, as strawberries are very rich in vitamin C, which helps delay the appearance of wrinkles

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