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Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is the second most common cancer in the world after lung cancer. It is especially common in Japan and China. Perhaps as a result of some nutritional factors, the number of cases of this cancerous tumor of the stomach lining is constantly increasing in the Western world.


Stomach cancer tends to spread quickly, so treatment often focuses on reducing the speed of the disease’s progression and spread rather than treating and curing it. In Japan, where extensive investigations are conducted, the disease is diagnosed at an early stage and about 90% of those infected recover.


Stomach cancer usually originates in the lining of the stomach, but it may spread quickly to other places in the body. Most people with this type of cancer are over 50 years old, and the incidence of men is twice that of women.


what could the doctor can do ?


After the doctor listens to the symptoms you are complaining of, he will conduct an examination for you to ensure that there is any evidence of a lump in the upper abdomen. The doctor will most likely refer you to the hospital for an endoscopy, where the stomach is examined through a thin instrument equipped with an endoscope, and during the examination some Biopsies are sent to the laboratory for analysis. You may also be asked to take a color X-ray that clearly shows the structure of the stomach and anything abnormal in it.


The stomach is a large “sac” that allows cancer to grow in it before any symptoms appear. When symptoms appear, they are usually mild and not distinctive, such as abdominal pain, nausea, or weight loss. For this reason, the disease is not diagnosed until it has spread to other sites. In the body .

However, if the tumor is diagnosed early during its growth, it is possible to remove it surgically, and this includes about 20% of cases.

The surgery involves partial or complete removal of the stomach, in addition to removing the surrounding lymph nodes that the disease can reach.


Surgery is also performed to relieve symptoms when the disease spreads to other places in the body. Patients usually undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy to control tumor growth and delay the progression of the disease. And some medication may be taken to decrease the pain .


Realize the risks?


There are many risk factors that cause stomach cancer, and chronic gastritis, which affects the stomach lining and is caused by long-term infection with Helicobacter pylori, is the main factor.

Other risk factors include:


• Smoking.

• Diet poor in fiber.

• Diets rich in salty, pickled and smoked foods.

• Drinking alcohol.


Diets rich in fiber help maintain the overall health of the digestive system, and can also reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Peptic ulcers are not considered a risk factor for stomach cancer, but they do make it difficult for doctors to distinguish early between them and stomach cancer.


Signs and symptoms :


• Pain in the upper abdomen, indistinguishable from peptic ulcer pain.

• Stomach pain after eating.

• Nausea and vomiting.

• Loss of appetite.

• Weight loss.

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