Steps before morning makeup for a vibrant complexion

When you wake up, look in the mirror, and you will see your fresh face and its wrinkle-free bulge. However, this situation will not last long, an hour after you leave

from home. However, you can maintain the comfort and freshness of your skin throughout the day, if you apply basic steps before applying makeup in the morning.


And to get a luminous face overflowing with vitality, follow these steps before making up, and make it part of your skin care and beauty routine.


– Exfoliation to remove oils and dead skin and allow oxygen to enter the depths of the skin. Wash your face every morning with an exfoliating cleanser specific to your skin type. Choose it with the supernatural granules that rub the skin and extract the dirt and secretions from it that are caused by the friction of your skin with the blanket during sleep, in addition to the natural secretions process that occurs at night.

Massage, to stimulate blood circulation and restore life to the skin after washing your face, massage it in circular motions!




Start the massage from the top of the forehead down to your chin, do not forget your cheeks that need massage, so you can help your skin in this area not to inject and collect the thin red blood veins. As for the area around the eyes, it is sufficient for you to massage it from the outside to the inside, with a little patting and pressing inward.


Ice cubes to re-tighten the skin after relaxing it with a massage. Pass one cube of ice all over your skin and face, as the element of moving the skin from a state of relaxation and high heat to coolness and refreshment, keeps it fresh and renewed throughout the day. The ice cube contributes to tightening the skin and closing the pores from which you previously extracted dirt. Also, the cold on the skin provides it with a swollen and lively look.

– Moisturizing cream to keep the moisture inside the skin. Do not forget the moisturizing cream. It is essential to keeping the skin fresh throughout the day. It also fixes the makeup more and more. The moisturizing process eliminates peeling and the appearance of dryness

Skin after applying makeup, the look that distorts your look.

Sunscreen, use it in summer and winter, so that your use of sunscreen is automatic and intuitive, in summer as well as in winter. Taking care of your skin without protecting it does not work, as the sunscreen reflects the ultraviolet rays, which keeps your skin from sagging and the appearance of dark spots on it.

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