Starch mask for white skin with quick results

To you, my dears, a mask to whiten the skin, in a short period, you do not need to worry and there is no need for medicines and cosmetics, which harm your skin, follow the recipe with us and tell us your experience:


the components:


– A teaspoon of starch.


– 5 tablespoons of liquid milk.


Sour lemon juice.


Scrambled egg white.





– olive oil.


– A quarter of a tablespoon of rose water.


– A spoonful of flour.


How to prepare:


Mix the ingredients well together


And add more milk to loosen and thin the mixture


Or more flour to increase the consistency of the mixture,


Spread the mixture on your face, leave it until it dries, then rub it after dipping your fingers in olive oil.


After this process, wash your face with a natural cleanser.

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