Squalene is a revolutionary ingredient to fight skin problems


Squalene is a very important part of skincare products . It is naturally present in the body and helps boost immunity and improve skin health. But with age, the process of squalene production in the body begins to slow down, as does collagen, which leads to premature skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines… In this article, experts teach you how to fight skin problems with squalene.

What is squalene?

Squalene is a revolutionary ingredient for skin tone

Squalene, which is odorless, colourless, and non-greasy, has found its place firmly in many skin care products. However, a few drops of any product enriched with squalene will leave your skin hydrated, dewy, and revitalized. Squalene is also very suitable for acne- and pimple-prone skin. And when the natural stock of squalene in the body is diminished, the skin must be extended with this substance to maintain skin hydration and fight wrinkles and fine lines. Note that it is necessary for the skin, especially in cold weather, where it is exposed to severe dryness and cracks.

Benefits of squalene for the skin

The benefits of squalene for the skin are many

Squalene has many benefits for the skin, the most prominent of which are:
– Moisturizes and calms the skin.
– Enhances skin elasticity and suppleness.
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
Softens and moisturizes the driest skin.
Promotes the growth of skin cells.
Treats skin cracks and rashes.
– Protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

How to use it

Since squalene is a gentle and not harsh substance, you can use it freely, in your morning and evening skin care routines without worry, as it does not cause any side effects to the skin. To take advantage of its properties, look for types of skin oils and face serums rich in squalene.

Products containing squalene

Glossier face serum

Glossier Face Serum

Glossier Futuredew is a blend of nourishing botanically-derived oils and squalene that moisturizes and brightens the complexion with regular use.

bareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer

bareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer

A celebrity favorite, this tinted hydrating gel from Perminerals, thanks to squalene in its formula, provides optimal hydration, SPF, and gives the face a naturally glowing appearance.

Eye Cream from Tatcha

Eye Cream from Tatcha Tatcha

This eye cream is enriched with squalene and red algae extract, two ingredients that moisturize the skin around the eyes very effectively, enhancing its smoothness and elasticity, and combating the premature appearance of fine lines

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