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Spider eyelashes..a new trend in the world of cosmetics on “Tik Tok”

Makeup trends are developing rapidly on social media platforms, and the latest releases are “manga lashes”, or “spider eyelashes”, which are inspired by the eyes of Japanese manga or “anime” doll-like characters.

We will introduce you to the latest trends in the world of eyelashes, which is the leader on the “Tik Tok” platform, continue reading with us, perhaps you liked and adopted it:

Manga Lashes: Manga Lashes

As its name suggests, the new cosmetic trend is inspired by the manga, a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, that mimics the dramatic look of the eyes of anime characters. In order to achieve this effect, many TikTokers either slice eyelashes into Cut small, or use individual eyelashes, separate hair into clumps with undetectable glue, and the result draws attention to the eyes with its tapered, doll-like end.

Sarah Cheung, founder of Sacheu Beauty, shared a step-by-step guide on how to apply one of the most popular beauty “trends” on Tik Tok, and explained in a video that it’s best to apply 5 to 7 of these small individual eyelashes, after cutting the strip lashes herself. .

The key is just making sure that these lashes are longer than your natural lashes, and spaced far enough apart that they have a spidery look, famous TikToker added, and Cheung used the same technique for her lower lashes, which many on the stage have also done.


Steps to apply mango eyelashes:

There are a number of steps that you need to follow when applying the new false eyelashes style, read on to learn about it:

1. Eyelashes processing:

The eyes must be prepared using an eyelash primer before installing any type of false eyelashes, and the type of mascara you prefer, and when choosing a pair of eyelashes, you can choose soft eyelashes that are longer than your natural eyelashes.


2. Installing eyelashes:

Here you need tweezers and eyelash glue, so that you can apply the manga eyelashes, and you have to be patient, especially if you are a beginner in the world of eyelashes installation, because it takes experience and continuity until you reach professionalism.

You can apply glue to the eyelash that you are preparing to put on your natural eyelashes, to try to get as close as possible, while continuing to use each set of eyelashes, and you must make sure that there are spacers between them.




3 . Completing the aesthetic look:

When applying manga eyelashes, you should not forget to apply the lower eyelashes also to maintain balance in the eye, and you must define the eyes softly, so that the eyelashes do not remain single and appear inappropriately

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