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Solve the problem of hair that grows under the skin

Both of us love to be in the most beautiful shape, but one of the problems that haunts us and encounters each of us is the problem of hair that grows under the skin, and in order to be able to treat this problem, we must know what are its causes. Watch the details of the article to learn about it …


the reasons :


1- Using wrong means that do not remove hair from the roots, such as razor.


2- Cutting the hair while removing it.


3- Hair removal without reversing the direction of the hair.


4- Removing hair before it appears completely.





5- Not cleaning the pores of the skin with sandpaper.


6- Hair removal after applying creams or deodorants.


7- Speed ​​or urgency in removing “hair cutting”.


The solution :


1- Not removing hair for a month until it appears completely.


2- Do a body scrub twice a week.


3- Make a Moroccan bath once a month.


4- Using the traditional hair removal method or going to a beauty salon.

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