Smoothing hair with oatmeal and milk mask

Those who need to naturally smoothen hair can achieve this with an oatmeal and milk mask. There is no doubt that the hair needs a lot of care and attention, as it is a mirror that reflects the general appearance of the person. The hair is exposed to many external factors that show it many different problems such as splitting, falling, breakage, dehydration, early graying and the appearance of dandruff, so hair must be taken care of. daily to maintain its health and appearance by using different hair care products, but it is better to use natural home recipes that do not contain harmful chemicals. One of the most beautiful hair masks that works to increase the softness of the hair, treat its breakage and restore its vitality, is the oatmeal and milk mask. To learn how to make an oatmeal and milk mask to soften hair for hair, read this article.

Smoothing hair with oatmeal and milk mask


Hair straightening

This mask works to nourish the hair, prevent its breakage, reduce hair regrowth, and restore health, vitality and luster to it, as it contains two important ingredients for hair health and beauty, which are oats and milk.

 Oatmeal and milk mask to soften hair


3 tablespoons of oats.

Half a cup of milk.

1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

1 tablespoon of bee honey.

How to make a mask of oats and milk.

Add half a cup of milk to a deep plate (balla), then add 3 tablespoons of oats to it, mix the ingredients well, they can also be mixed using a hand mixer to turn into a smooth paste.

Add bee honey to the previous mixture and mix the ingredients well together.

Finally, add coconut oil to the mixture and use the hand mixer again to get a homogeneous paste.

Your hair mask is now ready.

Put this mask on your hair and leave it for half an hour.

Use your usual shampoo and wash your hair with it.

Leave it to dry naturally

The benefit of smoothing hair by making a hair mask of oats and milk.

Oats: Oats are a rare ingredient used in hair care products and masks, but they have an important role in hair health. Soft and silky hair, oatmeal also works to maintain the balance of natural oils on the scalp and keeps the scalp healthy, treats dandruff, eliminates it and prevents its appearance

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Milk : Milk is characterized by its moisturizing properties for hair. It also repairs dry and damaged hair and helps restore hair moisture. It also provides dull hair with natural shine and moisturizes the scalp. Milk provides hair with sufficient moisture that helps stop hair breakage.

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Bee honey: Bee honey maintains the health, luster and softness of the skin. It is also a natural moisturizer for damaged hair, as it helps repair dry and shiny hair, increases its softness and hydration.
Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the best for all hair types. It keeps the hair soft and silky. It also provides deep nourishment to dry hair. It also strengthens the hair from the inside. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth and controls hair loss.
In the end :
This mask contains great products, which help to control many hair problems and make the hair more healthy, as it increases the softness of the hair and reduces the frizz.
This mask transforms dull hair into healthier and shinier hair, as well as repairs damaged hair.
But you may encounter a slight problem while washing hair to get rid of oat flakes. You should not try to remove the oat residue from your hair while it is wet. Rather, it is preferable to remove it while the hair is dry by using a suitable hair comb. It helps to get rid of the oat residue easily without any cause. In any hair damage

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