Skin whitening mask in half an hour

For everyone who wants to lighten the skin, we offer a skin-lightening mask in a short time, and we also offer a set of homemade skin-lightening masks that benefit you in changing the color of the dark skin tone in one day, and with continued, you can see an amazing result. The skin is exposed daily to external factors such as dust and sunlight, which leads to skin damage. Over time, skin problems and defects such as spots, wrinkles, dryness and acne scars appear, and the skin becomes tired and not bright. There are many cosmetics that are specially made to reduce skin problems, but it is certain that using natural ingredients and mixing them together makes you get bright and healthy skin. In this article, we offer you some ways to make masks for your skin at home.

Skin whitening mask

Follow these steps:

Lemon and oatmeal mask Lemon is
one of the powerful natural ingredients in lightening the skin, if you suffer from skin that does not look bright and unhealthy, do not hesitate to use this mask

  • Cut the lemon peel into cubes and put them in a deep bowl, add juice to it
  • Half a lemon and two tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Apply the mixture to your skin and leave it for five minutes.
  • Wash your skin.
  • It is best to wear this mask at night, as exposure to the sun after using a mask containing lemon exposes your skin to the appearance of pigmentation.

Papaya, Carrot and Honey Mask Papaya is an
excellent natural ingredient in softening and improving skin texture. You can make this homemade mask by following the following:

  • Mash the papaya and add to it a well-cooked carrot and a tablespoon of honey.
  • Stir the mixture well and apply it to your skin.
  • Leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash your face and dry it.
  • Your skin after this mask has become renewed and more radiant.

Chamomile and honey mask,
in addition to the benefits of chamomile in softening the skin, is also used to lighten the skin. It is also excellent in treating various skin infections such as acne and eczema…etc.
If you want to make this mask, do the following:

  • Brew chamomile tea and add honey to it and if you like, you can add rose water.
  • Put the mask on your face for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face and dry it.

Yogurt and lemon mask

This is another lemon-based skin lightening mask with yogurt. These two ingredients are very effective in improving dark spots and shrinking pores.
Make this mask as follows:

  • Mix two tablespoons of yogurt and squeeze a lemon on them.
  • When you get an even mixture, put it on your face for 45 minutes.
  • Wash and dry the face.

Milk, honey and lemon mask
This combination is very effective in cleaning the skin, lightening it and hiding its imperfections.
Do the following:

  • Mix one tablespoon of powdered milk, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey.
  • Apply it to your skin and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your skin with lukewarm or cool water.

If the area you want to open is above the lips or the mustache area, you should consider these useful home remedies for these areas.

  • For example, you can make a lightening cream by mixing glycerin and lemon.
  • If glycerin is not available, you can lighten your lips by mixing yogurt with juice
  • Lemon and leave the mixture until it reacts on your lips for half an hour, then wash it off.

We recommend that you apply a mask to lighten the skin once a week.

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