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Skin Cleansing with Baby Shampoo

Can baby shampoo be used for skin cleansing? Is baby shampoo good for the skin or does it dry the skin?


Skin care starts with cleaning. If the pores clogged with dirt, oil and make-up residues cannot be cleaned, all the care is wasted. The applied creams and masks remain on the surface of the skin.


The desired results may not be obtained from the cleaning gels and milks that are preferred in terms of being practical. It is very difficult to find the right one from various products that sometimes dry the skin too much and sometimes cause the pores to expand.


Skin cleansing ingredients with baby shampoo


1 cup baby shampoo


1 cup of non-chlorinated water


1 teaspoon of honey


1 teaspoon of sunflower oil


How to clean the skin with baby shampoo?


Mix all the ingredients and pour into an empty bottle. You can store this mixture in your bathroom.


First, wash your face and wipe your skin by dripping the mixture you will prepare with baby shampoo onto a cotton ball.


Finally, rinse.


Is baby shampoo good for the skin, what are the benefits?


You can clean your skin with baby shampoo and have a soft skin. Baby shampoos are additive-free and compatible with the pH value of the skin. Therefore, it can be used with peace of mind. You may notice that your skin has become soft and shiny.


It will not go unnoticed that your enlarged pores shrink over time.


This mixture will easily remove your make-up without drying your skin.


After washing your face, you can apply a water-based moisturizer if you wish.


Baby shampoo can be a nice cleanser for the skin. Of course, the brand of the shampoo is also extremely important.



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