Simple remedies that will rid your feet of the unpleasant smell of sweat

The problem of smelly feet is one of the common problems faced by people who spend most of their time outside the home, where the main cause of this smell is sweat. The feet contain 250,000 glands that secrete sweat, which requires the feet to have the air they breathe, and if the feet are covered and do not get enough air, the bad smell occurs.

And due to excessive exposure to sweat, the feet get bacterial infections and the death of skin cells, which causes the bad smell to come out. Hence we will offer some remedies for this problem:

1- Avoid wearing nylon stockings, and it is better to wear cotton stockings.

2- Soak your feet in salted water, and wash your feet with a loofah on a daily basis, as the salt controls excess sweat, while the loofah will rid you of dead cells and some bacterial infections.




3- Add a cup of vinegar to some warm water, and dip your feet in it to get rid of the bad smell.


4- Green tea reduces the bad smell of the feet while you are outside the house, so soak your feet in green tea and then dry them.

5- Wipe your feet daily with lemon to remove the smell permanently, and lemon not only rid your feet of bad smell, but also of bacterial infection.

6- Antiperspirants are highly effective, as they prevent sweat and free your feet from it as well. They also control the amount of sweat in the feet and make them smell good all the time. It is preferable to add them before going to bed and sleeping.

7- Change your shoes every day: because they absorb sweat and keep it for a long time, which causes bad smell.

8- Put some shampoo in warm water and dip your feet in it for 15 minutes, until you cleanse your feet and get rid of the bad smell and treat the bacterial infection.

Follow these eight remedies to get your feet smelling good all the time and not bothering yourself with their smell.

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