Seven easy and effective home remedies for cracked feet


We will offer five easy, effective and in-House Ways to help treat foot cracks around God.

Vegetable oil and treatment of Cracked Feet 

Good foot fat using well-known vegetable oils is very useful in treating cracked feet, and even in cases of dry feet, regular use of vegetable oils is sufficient to prevent cracking. Any of the oils can be used as olive oil, sesame oil or nargil (coconut) oil and others. But first the feet should be rubbed to exfoliate the cracked dry layer with pumice, known in body care shops, or with a brush or rough fiber, and then the feet should be well oiled after washing and drying. It is preferable to wear thick socks and go to sleep giving the cracks enough time to absorb the oil. The operation is repeated daily until the cracks are gone. 

Paraffin wax and foot crack treatment 

In case the cracks are really bad and cause pain, paraffin wax is your best choice and provides you with comfort as soon as possible. Preferably mix paraffin wax with a little mustard oil or coconut oil and then put on fire until the wax dissolves and then leave to cool until room temperature and wipe the feet at night, especially the places of cracks and leave until morning. For best results this recipe should be continued for a week or two until the cracks are gone.

Banana and cracked feet treatment 

You can treat cracks at home with ripe bananas where they are mashed into a paste that is placed on the feet and leave about 10-15 minutes until the cracks absorb the necessary moisture from the bananas, then wash the feet thoroughly and soak in cold water for long enough. By following this method daily for a few weeks you can enjoy the foot free of distortions.

Lemon and chapped feet treatment 

Lemon is considered one of the best home cracking remedies and is prescribed by many. The usual recipe for treating cracked feet is to soak the feet in warm water with lemon juice and then peel the cracked dry layer using pumice stone afterwards. Another method I heard on The Doctors Program involves placing a few thin slices of lemon on the soles of the foot so that they cover it completely and then put on thick socks and leave until morning. This method is very effective because it uses sour lemon juice as a solvent for the cracked dead layer of skin, which you will notice yourself in the morning when you rub the feet with a coarse fiber or pumice stone. Once your feet have dried, they should be moistened with a deep-acting moisturizing cream or one of the aforementioned vegetable oils to ensure that the new layer does not dry out, thus keeping it from a recurrence of the problem of Cracked Feet. 

Glycerin and rose water 

This recipe is considered one of the best treatments for Cracked Feet especially when you are outside the home. Prepared with equal amounts of glycerol and rose water, it is used before leaving the house to protect and control the skin of the feet from cracks. A container containing this recipe is best taken with you when you go out of the house and used whenever the need arises as it has fast absorption. Continue on this recipe for a few weeks provides an effective treatment the problem of Cracked Feet. 

Quick alternatives in the treatment of Cracked Feet 


If you don’t like the use of vegetable oils, Vaseline also works and is just as effective. Use the same method as in the case of vegetable oils. 

Warm water + salt:

I don’t have the same effect as soaking in warm water with lemon juice. Use the same recipe mentioned in the case of lemon and enjoy the same effective result. 

Neem leaves (Indian lilac.) :

You may feel upset by putting mashed bananas on the soles of your feet, and as an alternative to that you can use neem leaves by taking a fist amount of them and then mix them well until they become a paste and then add to them about 3 teaspoons of turmeric and put on the feet for 1/2 hours and then This recipe is very effective in treating chapped feet and also has benefits that are resistant to foot bacteria and fungi. Continuing them will eliminate the problem of cracked feet forever. 


At the same time, try to maintain the natural hydration of your body by drinking enough water and maintaining a diet rich in omega-3 acids as the cracking can be due to your lack of care to moisturize your feet, diet, lack of internal hydration or any other cause and always remember that knowing the cause is the first steps of treatment.