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Sesame oil recipes to get rid of vaginal infections permanently

Sesame oil has moisturizing properties and the ability to kill bacteria.

Vaginal infections
Vaginal infections

Therefore, it can be used to treat vaginal infections and their annoying symptoms. It suffices to this end the application of easy natural recipes.








Sesame oil recipe for vaginal infections




If you suffer from vaginal infections and its annoying symptoms such as burning, itching and foul-smelling secretions


We advise you to resort to sesame oil and apply this easy recipe.




It is enough to first prepare these ingredients: 6 drops of natural sesame oil and a piece of cotton.




Then do these steps:




Moisten a clean cotton swab with a little sesame oil.

Apply the oil to the intimate area with a cotton swab.

Repeat this process daily for an entire week.


There is no doubt that you will get the best result after that, that is, you will get rid of vaginal infections easily and quickly.




Sesame oil and grapefruit seed juice recipe




If your vaginal infections are caused by a viral, bacterial, or viral infection


It is necessary to add to the sesame oil the extract of grapefruit seeds, which you can find in stores dedicated to this.




This extract is considered an effective treatment for viruses that cause infections. Then it is useful to use it to apply this recipe:




Add 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract or juice to a tablespoon of sesame oil.

Wet a piece of medical cotton with the mixture and put it inside the vagina.

Leave the cotton pad for 3 hours.

To get the best result, apply this recipe once a day for a week.





sesame oil benefits




Sesame oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. It protects the vaginal area from infections and the influence of harmful microbes.


So you can apply these two recipes to take advantage of its properties.


You can also resort to an easier method.


That is, it is enough to put a little of this oil by your hand on the affected area with a gentle massage.




To get the best results, make sure you drink enough water every day and try to eat foods rich in vitamin E.


So add to your dishes natural olive oil, curry and basil sauce. Also eat raw, unpeeled almonds.

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