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Science Explains! If Humans Fail, Which Animal Will Dominate the Planet?

With the coronavirus pandemic, doomsday scenarios resurfaced. Epidemics, climate change or natural disasters… All of these are seen as a disaster that could bring the end of humanity. Could humanity really come to an end? In fact, we are not looking for the answer to this question today. 😊 We will accept the answer as yes and discuss the question of which animal will dominate the planet after humans. Here are the predictions of scientists on the subject…


Considering that human’s closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, have thumbs, it is quite possible that they will replace humans. Of course, experts say it may take hundreds of thousands or even millions of years for these apes to develop tools similar to those made by humans. In addition, a disaster that destroys people can destroy them too.


Non-avian dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago. Mammals filled the void created by the dinosaurs. In the event of humans disappearing, the only surviving dinosaurs, namely birds, could rule the planet. Studies confirm that birds such as crows and ravens are highly intelligent. They are so intelligent that they can even compete with chimpanzees! Additionally, African gray parrots can learn up to 100 words and understand simple math. Of course, it is debatable whether they can fully fill the place of human beings!



Octopuses, which can change their behavior according to environmental influences, may become the new rulers of the planet, as they are highly intelligent creatures. Octopuses can not only distinguish between real and virtual objects, but also develop their environment. On the other hand, if they are to replace humans, they must adapt to life on land. According to experts, they have an inefficient metabolism to dominate the planet. When we look at the general picture, it does not seem possible for octopuses and other cephalopods to make the transition to land.



On the other hand, ants and termites can do it! Insects can quickly adapt to different environments. It seems that they have been on this planet for 480 million years, and over time they have acquired many skills from flying to building tiny towers. Recent research shows that ants can grow mushrooms. In short, if humans go extinct, it is possible for insect colonies to take over the planet. But for this they need to be resistant to climate change!

We must also consider climate change


Research shows that we are quite successful in making short-term forecasts. The sudden disappearance of people from the ground is not enough to curb climate change. Although some species will become resistant to this change, animal communities in the polar regions will face great difficulties. Whatever happens, the creature that will dominate the planet after humans will not be as intelligent as humans. Even if such a possibility does happen one day, we can say that it will take millions of years.

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