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Say goodbye to acne and blemishes with apple cider vinegar - Care Beauty

Say goodbye to acne and blemishes with apple cider vinegar

We offer you, dear, recipes of apple cider vinegar to get rid of acne and dark spots. Many cosmetic experts have confirmed the effectiveness of using apple cider vinegar in treating many skin and skin problems. It is considered one of the best types of natural vinegar that has multiple uses in the field of skin, which we are pleased with. During the Arab Woman magazine, some uses of apple cider vinegar were presented to eliminate many skin problems:


Apple cider vinegar to get rid of acne:


This is done by adding two teaspoons of it to a cup of water, then immersing a small piece of cotton in the mixture and passing it over the grain several times a day.


Apple cider vinegar to get rid of brown spots:


Brown spots that appear on the skin, especially the hands with age, can be treated by repeatedly wiping these spots with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and onion juice in a ratio of two teaspoons of vinegar to the juice of half a large onion.





Using apple cider vinegar to make skin-beautifying baths:


By adding a cup of it to the bath water, and we relax, it works through this bath to clean the skin and make it more smooth, and rid us of itching, which resists the occurrence of infection and crusting, and is used to get rid of any chemicals in the skin, especially after the daily use of powders Cleaning, by putting an amount of vinegar on the hand, then we wash it with water.