Salted fish is prohibited for patients with high blood pressure and obesity

Salted fish is prohibited for patients with high blood pressure and obesity In a few days, Egyptians celebrate Spring Festival, a holiday in which the Egyptian table is filled with salted fish, fresh vegetables, and colored eggs. Despite the joyful ceremonies and celebration of food, this is harmful to human health.



For his part, Dr. Ashraf Riad, a consultant for cardiology and internal medicine, advises that the choice of salted fish must be from places with guaranteed production so that it is manufactured in a good way, whether in salting, preservation, etc., because it has been observed in recent years that there is a lack of proficiency in the method of salting and good preservation, which caused a lot of this. Among the health problems that have arisen due to the spoilage of these fish, he advised the necessity of washing salted fish with plenty of water until the degree of salinity in it reduces.



“Riyad” added that it is necessary to wash salted fish with water until the degree of salinity decreases in hot weather, in which a lot of sweat is lost and the eagerness to drink a lot of water increases, pointing out that high blood pressure disease comes at the top of the list in which caution must be taken. With rationing the amount of fish eaten because of its side effects on high blood pressure.






The consultant for cardiology and internal medicine confirmed that high blood pressure patients eating foods that contain high salinity exposes them to health problems, causing a large burden on the coronary artery and the heart muscle. Therefore, the risk must be taken into account and reduced through medical consultation with the specialist doctor to know the health condition, and the doctor rations the amount. the food.



The doctor recommends eating reasonable quantities of eggs, because eating too many of them causes indigestion, bloating, and a burden on the digestive system and colon. Patients with high blood pressure and triglycerides should also eat eggs at rates lower than what is permitted and regulated by the doctor, because eating them in large quantities affects the heart and causes Narrowing of the coronary artery and exposure to angina pectoris.



“Riyad” explained that eating some vegetables with salted fish, such as lettuce, helps with regular movement of the digestive system, and reduces the feeling of constipation while eating yogurt and yoghurt because they have an effective role in digesting saturated fats, which causes comfort in the stomach, prevents inflammation and does not feel a burning sensation. And acidity, as the lining of the stomach makes it more likely to salted fish.

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