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Rose water to prepare a natural deodorant

Many specialized doctors have advised against using deodorant products that contain chemicals at a large percentage, due to their negative impact on health, as exposure of the skin to chemical components threatens it with many serious skin diseases.  Women Magazine presents in your hands a way to make a deodorant with natural ingredients so that you can use it without feeling anxious as it does not contain chemical ingredients.


> Ingredients:




>2 tablespoons of rose water>

A quarter cup of semi-ground

<3 tablespoons of baby powder>

A quarter of a cup of cream


>Method of preparation:>

> Mix all the ingredients in a suitable bowl until you get a cohesive mixture.>

>Put the mixture in a tightly closed glass container to use it whenever you want.>

>This remover is characterized by its wonderful scent and does not leave stains on clothes, as well as its softness and distinctive effect on the skin.>

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