Restore your beauty with Nivea cream and lemon to tighten and lighten the face and skin

Nivea cream and lemon for tightening and lightening the face and skin, is one of the best and fastest solutions to obtain pure white skin free of wrinkles and sagging, so it is considered a magical bridal cream that restores the beauty of the skin in a few days, and most importantly, the cost of its use is not great and can be used With different parts of the body, it has a strong and effective effect in whitening the skin, for this we will present a recipe for Nivea cream with lemon, as well as another recipe that is considered one of the important recipes that tighten the skin, making it like the skin of children.


Nivea cream and lemon to tighten and lighten the face and skin


After one of the easiest recipes that can be applied on a daily basis, due to the ease of the recipe and the availability of the ingredients that go into its composition, and this recipe is as follows:


Ingredients of Nivea Cream with Lemon A bottle of Nivea Cream (to be used with this recipe a medium size bottle). One tablespoon of lemon juice One tablespoon of powdered milk.


The magic bridal cream is prepared by following these steps:


Mix a spoon of lemon with a spoon of powdered milk in a bowl with light stirring until the mixture is well mixed. Put a medium-sized box of Nivea Cream on the previous mixture and stir until the consistency becomes creamy and homogeneous. Use this recipe daily regularly until we get clear white skin, or until You will get the desired result.Nivea cream and starch for firming the skin


Nivea cream is included in the preparation of another recipe, which is also used to whiten and tighten the skin, and it is one of the effective recipes as well, as it contains natural ingredients that have astringent properties such as starch, and the mask can be applied as follows:


Ingredients for Nivea cream and starch for whitening


This mask contains the following:


½ tsp of Nivea Cream ½ tsp of apple cider vinegar ½ tsp of rice starch ½ tsp of rose water.

Method of application Put Nivea cream with starch together until well combined. Add apple cider vinegar, then rose water, and stir until we get a homogeneous creamy mixture. The ingredients are placed in an airtight container and placed in the refrigerator until it is time to use. Before use, the face must be washed well. with lukewarm water. There is also an important step, which is that this mixture must be tested on the hands before the face to ensure that it is safe. When ensuring the safety of the mixture, it is placed on the face by making a thin layer of it and leaving it to dry or leaving it for a maximum of half an hour. Wash the face with lukewarm water and then Put rose water on it, and you will notice a bright face. The benefits of Nivea cream for the skin


Nivea Cream is one of the best skin creams, and it has been around for a long time for its ability to moisturize the skin, and the most important benefits are:


Moisturizing dry and sensitive skin, because it contains many important minerals and vitamins for the skin that increase its freshness. Helps get rid of dead skin cells. Deeply cleans the skin when you put lemon on it in order to get Nivea’s magic cream with lemon to tighten and lighten the face and skin. Benefits of lemon for skin


Lemon is one of the citrus fruits that has a high content of vitamin C, which has an important role in maintaining skin health, including:


Regeneration of skin cells by removing the dead way.It works to lighten the skin and eliminate dark spots.Natural antiseptic that reduces the appearance of acne.Pore cleanser, and reduces the appearance of black pimples.


Nivea Magical Cream with Lemon for firming and lightening the face and skin, is the magic solution that helps in lightening the skin in a short time and gives the skin a more youthful appearance.

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