Remedy Against Foot Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

Remedy Against Foot Fungus with Tea Tree Oil






5-6 Drops of Tea Tree Oil


3 Liters of Water


Preparation and application:


Drop the specified amount of tea tree oil into the water in a basin that your feet can enter.


Soak your feet in the water in the basin for 30 minutes.


Take your feet out of the water and let them dry for 20 minutes.


If there is any place on your feet that does not dry at the end of the period, dry it with a towel. Because fungus formation is easier in wet areas.




Fungi on the skin are quite stubborn. Many efforts are made to pass these fungi. However, unfortunately, it is possible for these fungi to emerge unless the desired care and cleaning is done. We use tea tree in many types of masks. However, the reason why it is used so much in cosmetics is that it shows both antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and it is very successful in the treatment of fungus. Do this method we have prepared 1-2 times a day (morning and evening) until the fungus is gone.


Foot fungus does not always manifest itself on the skin. It mostly shows itself on the nails. If you have bruised nails, you will have the solution of the problem with tea tree oil both naturally and without spending a lot of money. Because tea tree oil relieves the symptoms of fungus and completely eliminates the problem with regular use.

Apart from this method, you can only apply tea tree oil to the affected area in the morning and evening. However, before applying, wash your feet and keep your feet open after applying tea tree oil to the affected areas.


If you have a fungal problem on your toenails, make sure to file 1-2 times a week to prevent the formation of dead cells on the nails.


In addition to the treatment method recommended by your doctor, you can also do this application.


Make sure that the tea tree you buy is organic and that its content consists of 100% tea tree.