Regular care to prevent the occurrence of acne

The occurrence of acne increases during puberty and can continue until the forties. Pimples usually appear on the face, arm, back and chest. It is important that you take some steps about your skin care and health to reduce your acne or prevent new pimples from forming.


What to look out for to prevent acne and have a healthy skin

While it can be difficult to completely eliminate your acne and prevent it from forming acne, you can minimize the formation of acne thanks to some precautions and daily routines that you will apply.

Here are some tips you should take care of and apply for your skin health:


Regularly washing your face at night and during the day, cleaning the excess oil, dirt and sweat on the skin on a daily basis can help prevent pimples, but washing your face too much can also trigger acne. This is because you irritate your skin by washing it too much and it releases more oil so that the skin reaches its normal moisture.Knowing which type your skin is dry, oily, mixed, normal and sensitive will help you determine which skin care products to use.If your skin is very dry, the skin produces oil to balance moisture. You can reduce the occurrence of acne by using quality moisturizers to maintain the moisture of your skin.Not consuming the amount of water necessary for your body can trigger an increase in oil production in your skin. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water.It may feel good to wear makeup to close your acne, but makeup products that clog some pores can cause clogging of the skin pores and the formation of acne. If you do not want to completely abandon makeup, you should choose makeup products that are odorless and non-comedogenic.Touching your face too much and popping pimples can cause inflammation in the pimples to descend into the deeper layers of your skin. This can lead to more pimples and acne scars. Reducing the touch to your face and washing your hands frequently can help reduce the occurrence of acne.


Even if being stressed does not cause pimples, it can make pimples worse. Since more fat and stimulating hormones are produced in the event of stress, stress-reducing activities such as meditation and yoga can reduce the occurrence of acne.


What should be the anti-pimple skin care routine?

The skin care applied to relieve the problem of acne is personal for everyone. For this reason, skin care products that work in others may not show effective results on your skin. However, there are a few basic skin products that should be in every skincare routine. Consult the skin products you use before skin care and the frequency of use to a skin specialist is important for you to get effective results. The recommended routine in skin care is:


1. Cleaner: In the first step of skin care anti-pimple face cleaning using the product is very important for skin care to be effective. Depending on your skin condition, you can use a cleanser or face wash product with a clean ingredient derived from gentle, herbal active ingredients that do not dry the skin. People with oily skin should repeat the cleansing step twice a day, day and night.

2. Anti-pimple moisturizing care cream: Having acne-drying and preventive ingredients after cleansing your face acne cream you can use.

3. Sunscreen: Finally, you can use sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your skin against harmful uv rays and helps prevent the formation of dark spots.

4. Mask & Peeling: In your weekly maintenance instead of daily use acne mask and you can use the exfoliating products to deep purify your skin.



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