Recipes to remove the effects of grain and scars

Madam, always, traces of scars remain on your face after healing from acne. Today, these simple recipes that unify your skin tone and remove all traces and pigmentation from it.

1- Take a capsule of vitamin E and open it and take the powder that is inside it and put it on the place of the scar, you will notice the disappearance of the effect gradually.

2- Mix aloe vera with vitamin E powder and apply it on the scar to get the best results. Repeat this process several times a day.

3- Apply honey on your skin and leave it overnight.




4- Put the tea oil on your skin and repeat this process several times a day.

5- Make a mask of green tea.

6- Put ice on your skin and repeat the process several times a day.

7- Olive oil is great for the skin. Massage your skin with it several times a day.

8- Cut the garlic and rub it in the place of the grain, then wash your face

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