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Recipes for whitening sensitive areas in 3 days with sure results

It is also sensitive and consists of a spoon of tahini, a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of yogurt and mix well and put on the desired place.


Today I will put in your hands different ways to lighten the sensitive areas, but first let us know the reasons for the darkening of the sensitive area to try to avoid them: The reasons for the darkening of the sensitive area:


1-Wearing outer and inner clothing made of polyester synthetic fibers.


2-Using a mousse to remove hair from the sensitive area or hair removal creams.

3- Wet the sensitive area continuously, which leads to the activity of bacteria and fungi.

4- Friction, especially in the case of adhesion to the thighs or their large size.

Method #1:




the ingredients :

Baby Vaseline – almond oil – castor oil – liquid glycerin.

How to prepare :

Put Vaseline in a container, then put a spoonful of glycerin and a half spoon of castor oil on top of it and a spoon and a half of almond oil and mix the mixture well until the Vaseline becomes soft before

the use :

Every day after the bath, put it on the area to be lightened for an hour a day, and you will see the result after 3 days, God willing.

The place will become lighter than before and after another five days you will find that the area has become the same color as the body and can be used for the armpit area and all of your body will become one color.

Method number 2:

the ingredients :

A cup of rose water and half a cup or three spoons of olive oil, a spoonful of salt or sugar, a little water and half a cup of talcum powder for children.

How to prepare :

Dissolve sugar or salt in the water until it disappears completely and make sure that the amount is small, then add it to the rest of the ingredients and mix them very well, then put the mixture on the fire for a very short period until it is only warm or slightly hot.

the use :

Put it on the black in the sensitive areas and rub well gently and do not shower after 2 hours to 4 hours until the skin absorbs the recipe well and it is preferable to put it after showering, you can use it daily for two weeks once or more according to your desire, the results appear after two weeks of use daily once or Twice and lasts for more than a year, the first less, depending on your interest and skin type.

Sensitive area treatment:

1- Be sure to wear the outer and inner clothes of cotton and change the underwear once or twice a day in the summer. It is preferable that the underwear be long to reduce friction between the thighs and to absorb sweat, because the York lion that is secreted with sweat causes blackening of the sensitive area and darkening of the thighs .

2- Use herbal soap or non-acidic soap instead of regular soap because soap affects the sensitive area.

3- Make sure to use a special towel to dry the sensitive area after each use of the bathroom, while using this baby powder to keep the sensitive area always dry.

4- Avoid shaving or using hair removal creams in the sensitive area, because they contain strong chemicals for hair removal that lead to blackening of the sensitive area, but you can remove hair from the sensitive area using the wax or sweet method because it is much better, taking care to put a measure of olive oil on the hair Before using sweetness to reduce friction and ice cubes on the sensitive area after hair removal to reduce redness and itching..

5- During the menstrual cycle, do not use regular diapers, but use diapers for sensitive skin that have a different color. Ask the pharmacist for them, taking care to clean constantly.

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