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Reasons to stop drinking soft drinks

Some people drink soft drinks in moderation, others are fond of them, and drink them frequently, but what they do not know


These people explain the extent of its negative effects on health, and there are many reasons through which one can stop drinking


Soft drinks, and among the most important of these reasons: Gaining weight Soda contains a lot of sugars, which are harmful


For the human body, so that an amount of sugar is used to give energy, and the rest becomes in the form of fat, and this thus contributes


in weight gain. Contains a lot of calories Soda contains a large amount of empty calories,


Which is very harmful because it does not have any nutritional value. When you drink soda, it makes you feel full, and thus adds calories


body without providing any nutritional value. Helps in the appearance of cavities Excess sugar in soda contributes to the appearance of cavities


Between the teeth, in addition to causing tooth decay, due to plaque that develops in the teeth. It contains sodium


Soda contains sodium, which is harmful to vital organs such as the heart and kidneys, in addition to being responsible for increasing the chances of diabetes


stroke, and cause high blood pressure. Negatively affects the digestive system Soda greatly affects


Good functioning of the digestive system, because it contains phosphoric acid, which causes indigestion.


In addition to causing heartburn and loss of appetite.

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