Reasons for weak eyelashes

Do you suffer from weak eyelashes that are easy to break? Do you feel that your eyelashes are constantly dry and need moisturizing? Do you treat it gently, or do you use cosmetics and colored mascara on it, or do you do individual eyelashes?


We will talk in these few lines about the problem of weak, easy-to-break eyelashes. At first, we must know that eyelashes, like hair, need internal nutrition before external nutrition, by eating healthy, balanced food that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. So, one of the most important causes of weak eyelashes It is malnutrition and lack of vitamins and minerals, so we recommend eating fruits and vegetables constantly as a first step to solve the problem of weak eyelashes.




As for external treatment, as we mentioned, abuse as a result of straightening the eyelashes and constantly using mascara causes the eyelashes to become weak and easy to break. Therefore, great care must be taken when dealing with eyelashes and not using any cosmetics unless they are completely safe so as not to cause dryness of the eyelashes or the emergence of infections in the eyelid. Eye.




Currently, pharmacies have a safe medical mascara that strengthens and moisturizes the eyelashes, preventing them from breaking.







But if the problem of weak eyelashes persists, you should visit the doctor, because there are other problems related to hormones that may cause weak eyelashes, such as thyroid disorders or other problems that need to be analyzed.

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