Protein: Never give it up for reasons


There are many sources of protein,  including meat, chicken, fish, eggs, whey… The interest in eating protein has increased after diets based on proteins appeared to lose weight.

Learn  the following  about the  importance of protein for  women’s bodies, especially:

What is protein?

A person’s weight is made up of about  75  percent protein. It is found in nearly every part of the body or tissue,  including muscles, bones,  skin, and hair. Amino acids are what provide the basis for proteins.

There are  two  types of proteins:

Complete proteins: These are animal proteins,  and they contain all the amino acids needed to build new proteins.

Incomplete proteins:  other sources of protein that lack one or more of the amino acids that the body cannot make: fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts.

Protein prevents diseases:

  a study that looked at the association between dietary protein and heart disease or stroke,  women who ate more protein ( about  110 grams per day)  were 25  percent less likely to have a  heart attack, or die from heart disease, than women who ate more protein. Fewer ( about  68 grams per day) over 14 years.

It is not known whether the protein source came from animals or vegetables, or whether it was part of low-fat or high-fat diets. These results reassure that eating a lot of protein does not harm the heart.

A  source of protein that has gotten a lot of attention. Some  research  suggests that  eating soy-based foods  regularly  may  contribute to:

Lowering cholesterol.

Reducing cold and hot flashes.

Reducing the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

_ Help in losing weight.

_ Prevent osteoporosis.

Enhancement of memory and mental abilities.

These effects may be due to the high concentrations of isoflavones in soy, a  type of phytoestrogen.

Tip: Eat all types of proteins from their natural sources (food) to ensure you get all the amino acids you need. 

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