Potatoes give you beautiful smooth skin


Herbs, plants, vegetables, and natural materials are increasingly popular in their use for skin beauty and care, as many foods and fruits are discovered that we never thought could be used in skin care, including potatoes.


Potatoes are one of the most popular starches in the Arab world and are considered one of the main fruits in meals.


Today we present to you a new benefit from the benefits of potatoes by using them on the skin. Potatoes work to narrow pores and soften the skin, as it is one of the most famous masks in the world and is known for its great ability to narrow pores and soften the skin.


Take a grated potato and a tablespoon of olive oil.


Spread the potatoes on your face until it dries completely, then put the oil on it and rub it on the skin in a circular motion for ten minutes.


Rinse your face once with warm water and then again with cold water.





Use this mask weekly until you feel the difference

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