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Potato diet 7 kilos in a week

There are many types of diets and there are many types, and among those types, the boiled potato diet has spread recently, or the so-called diet diet, where boiled potatoes are adopted within a dietary pattern for a week so that the body is able to lose 3 kilograms within a week, despite the fact that all medical studies It confirms that it is incorrect to follow the diet of one type because it lacks many vitamins, minerals, salts and fats that the body needs. However, there are many people who have tried this diet and found a satisfactory result in losing their weight and others may want to try, and here comes the role of denying the popular saying among some that Potatoes increase weight. Perhaps this belief prevailing in the majority is the result of wrong behaviors. Potatoes in themselves contain vitamins, minerals, starches and antioxidants, and they are one of the root tuber plants rich in fiber, despite their many benefits, they lack some vitamins and minerals that are important for human behavior. Many have a method of cooking potatoes, frying them, frying them in oil or ghee, or adding them to Butter and sour cream are used as a method for preparing potato puree, or adding different types of sauces or sauces such as bechamel or mayonnaise, or mixing them with a large amount of spices such as salt and spices intended for seasoning fried potatoes.


The potato diet depends on dividing the meals during the day into three meals. Breakfast consists of a cup of skimmed milk, equivalent to 250 milliliters, and lunch consists of a plate of boiled potatoes, equivalent to 300 grams, free of any fat or any spices such as salt and salted spices, followed by a meal Dinner consists of a plate containing approximately 200 grams of boiled potatoes with the addition of a boiled egg that can be added as chopped slices or can be mashed with boiled potatoes with the addition of any type of leafy vegetables such as parsley, dill, spinach, chard, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, small corn cobs, or some boiled small corn cobs. Boiled vegetables such as carrot slices, zucchini and broccoli, you must drink at least two liters of water during this diet, provided that the duration of the diet does not exceed one week, after which you return to the full diet with a low-calorie diet pattern to avoid the return of lost weight during Follow the boiled potatoes diet.


The healthy and optimal way to boil potatoes:

The potatoes must be washed well to get rid of the dust stuck to them, then water is placed in a pot and the fire is lit and left on the fire until it reaches the boiling point, then the potatoes are added as they are without cutting or peeling and without any kind of fat, spices and salt, as the outer crust of the potato is protected from The loss of some useful vitamins and minerals, then the boiling water is filtered and disposed of, and the potatoes are left to cool a little, and then peeled and mashed until we get soft mashed potatoes, and they can also be prepared by cutting them into cubes without mashing and this is up to personal desire.

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