Pineapple and kiwi juice to slim the body and buttocks

Different diet systems help to lose weight, and we must continue on healthy diets, for a long period of time, so that the body gets used to following new methods of feeding behaviors, and in all diet systems, full attention must be given to breakfast, because of the many benefits it has for the human body, And its health, as it helps with activity, vitality, and production, and increases burning rates in the human body. However, dinner often represents a major problem in weight loss steps, as most of its calories are stored during sleep, but you can now replace dinner with a kind of juice. Burns fat and helps sculpt the body and buttocks: Here’s how to prepare pineapple and kiwi juice, and you can eat it instead of dinner on all days.


>Method of preparation>

> A cup of pineapple juice (about half a piece, cut into rings)




>Two kiwis, peeled and sliced.>

> Lemon juice as desired.>

>Put it in a blender and mix well.>

>Then eat it fresh without sugar.>

>Important Notes:>

>You should be careful during the days of the diet to drink natural unsweetened juices.>

>Avoid as much as possible from consuming salt and do not overdo it with spices.>

You should drink more water during the summer.>

>You should consult your doctor before starting a new diet or new natural recipes.

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