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Pfizer is preparing to promote the “Omicron” vaccine

The head of the Pfizer laboratory confirmed, Monday, that a copy of the vaccine against “Covid-19” prepared to counter the mutant Omicron from the Corona virus will be ready if necessary in March, while his counterpart in Moderna indicated that preparation for the vaccine will be ready next fall.

Albert Burla said, in a statement to the American financial network CNBC: “I do not know whether we will need a vaccine like this, I do not know whether it will be used or how to use it, but we will be ready. The factory has already started production.”

Burla had indicated at the end of November that his company had begun preparing for a new version of the vaccine, specifically designed to address the mutant Omicron, and explained: “We hope to reach a product that is able to provide much better protection from infections, specifically, because the prevention provided by current vaccines, in the event of receiving the dose The third, prevents (the injured) from entering the hospital at very reasonable rates.”

However, studies are still needed to determine whether a fourth dose is necessary.

For his part, the general manager of Moderna, Stefan Bancel, indicated that the company’s laboratory is preparing an additional dose for the mutant Omicron, which will be ready in the fall, and that clinical trials will begin “soon.”

In a statement to CNBC, Bancel said, “We are currently discussing with health officials around the world in order to make a decision on what we believe is the best strategy to give an additional dose in the fall of 2022,” and stressed the importance of maintaining the progress that achieved in the face of the virus, and warned of the danger of losing this progress

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