Permanent hair removal with baking soda and vitamin E recipe

In order to permanently remove hair from the skin, different methods are used, such as sugar, wax, laser, and others. It is also very useful to resort to natural ingredients to prepare recipes that help to do this as well. The recipe for baking soda, honey and vitamin E is one of the most effective and rich in benefits.

• It helps to remove lint without feeling the pain that can be caused by some other methods, with its properties that contribute to maintaining the health, moisture and softness of the skin.

• Rids the skin of dead skin cells and harmful residues.

• It helps the machine to slide easily and without causing any damage to the skin.

• It contains a lot of useful ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

• This recipe, on the other hand, is devoid of harmful chemical components and is less expensive.


Permanent hair removal with baking soda and vitamin E recipeHow to remove excess hair with bicarbonate and honey recipe


This recipe can be prepared by providing natural ingredients with very easy steps.




4 tablespoons of peanut butter,

a quarter of a cup of natural olive oil,

a quarter of a cup of natural honey,

a tablespoon of baking soda

, a small piece of natural soap,

a vitamin E capsule , a

tablespoon of white clay




Preparing this recipe that helps to permanently remove hair does not take a lot of time, and this can be done by doing some easy steps.

1 Place the peanut butter in a heatproof bowl and place it in another bowl containing hot water.

2 When the butter is completely melted, add the olive oil and honey and mix the ingredients again until you get a mixture free of lumps.

3 Then add the bicarbonate of soda, the soap rash and the content of the vitamin E capsule.

4 Put the mixture on a low heat with constant stirring for between 2 and 3 minutes.

5 Remove the mixture from the fire and add the white clay to it and mix again.

6 The mixture can be left to rest before mixing again and then placed in an airtight container

How to use


1 Before using this recipe, it is necessary to wash the areas of hair growth, clean them well, and then dry them gently. This contributes to rid it of the remnants of dust and sweat.

2 Apply a sufficient amount of the mixture to those areas and leave it for some time before it is removed by the epilator.

3 After the end of this process, the skin should be washed with lukewarm water.


Important tips and permanent hair removal recipe


Before applying a hair removal recipe using baking soda and vitamin E, you should pay attention to these important tips.

• The remaining amount can be stored in an airtight container and in a place away from heat for a period of two months.

• It is recommended to use an effective epilator in order to get rid of all the lint permanently.

• To protect the skin after permanent hair removal, it is preferable to apply a moisturizing cream on it. This helps to maintain its health and prevents dryness and injury.







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