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Parsley soap with dry milk, starch and natural soap for smooth and clear skin

Parsley soap with dry milk, starch and natural soap for smooth and clear ski

If you suffer from problems in your skin, which vary and vary between dark spots, freckles and other problems that the skin is usually exposed to as a result of various and multiple factors, do not worry, do not worry, the solution we offer to you is through this natural soap  made of completely natural materials, which is the parsley substance.

Two tablespoons of cornstarch.
Two tablespoons of powdered milk.
Two bunches of fresh parsley with dark green leaves.
One cup of rose water.
One tablespoon of natural white honey.

Method of preparation
Mix all the previous ingredients of starch, milk, rose water, honey, and chopped parsley together until all ingredients are mixed except for the peacock soap.

Put the previous ingredients in an electric mixer and leave for a few minutes until they turn into a green liquid.

Cut the peacock soap into small pieces, then put it in the heating pot on the stove, then add the liquid parsley mixture to the pot and leave it on the fire until it begins to boil with constant stirring.

Remove the mixture from the heat after boiling, then pour it into the plastic container designated for ice cubes, or into a special mold to prepare the soap.

Cover the entire box with aluminum foil or a plastic bag tightly, then put it in the refrigerator and leave it until the pieces are completely frozen.

Remove the soap mold from the refrigerator and remove the solid cubes of soap from it, then empty it into a plastic bag and put it in the freezer until use.


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