Oysters and oranges are the latest treatment for schizophrenia patients

A recent scientific study supervised by Spanish researchers revealed that nutrients found in Brussels sprouts, oysters and oranges can help fight the early stages of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.


According to the British Daily Mail website, the study from the University of Manchester and Western Sydney University showed that some supplements can improve classic treatments for psychotic illness as long as they are taken early.


The researchers explained that nutritional supplements, such as the amino acids found in these common foods, can improve mental health, although the reasons remain unclear.


To confirm the study’s findings, the team used data from eight independent clinical studies, which looked at nutritional supplements in 457 young adults in the early stages of psychotic illness.


They found that the use of certain nutritional supplements, taken at the same time as the treatments, helped improve the mental health of the patients, for example, the amino acid taurine, and antioxidants such as n-acetyl cysteine ​​and vitamin C were also effective.


Researchers believe this is because they help resolve ‘oxidative stress’, which occurs when the body cannot process oxygen regularly.