Oranges to treat diseases

Oranges are rich in water, sugar, vitamins, and alkaline salts that keep cells youthful, and drinking a cup of orange juice in the morning or an orange helps in treating many diseases, because it contains bioflavonoids, which cleanse microbes.


Oranges help relieve tension and nervous pressure associated with work and modern living conditions, and drinking half a cup of oranges every morning helps prevent stroke.

It is known that oranges play an essential role in maintaining heart health and safety and reducing blood pressure. They are also an important source of calcium and potassium.

Orange fruit is useful in stimulating blood circulation and increases iron absorption, which leads to raising the level of iron in the blood. Oranges contain a substance in citrus peels that reduces cholesterol more efficiently than some drugs designed for this purpose. Oranges also help increase activity and vitality and are considered an effective treatment for colds and influenza.

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