Opening Lip Color from Natural Ways

Smoking, sun exposure, allergies, caffeine, UV rays and many other causes can cause the lips to darken. Cosmetic products like lip creams and lipsticks can help you temporarily get the results you want.


But with permanent and natural methods, you can give the lips shine and natural pinkness. How?


Natural remedies for dark lips at home:


Honey – rub the honey on the lips for 3 minutes with the help of a small soft cotton cotton. Or you can leave it on all night by applying some honey to your lips at night before going to bed.


Almond oil and Castor – Mix almond oil with a small amount of castor oil.Massage this mixture on the lips for 3 minutes.


Lemon juice – Lemon juice is one of the best solutions for bleaching dark spots or blackness on the lips. With lemon juice, you can massage your lips for 3 minutes and leave them on all night.


Strawberry – Combine one teaspoon of strawberry juice and two teaspoons of vase well. Apply this mixture to your lips by massaging them and keep them stay the whole night.


Ice – – Massage your lips with ice cubes for 3 minutes. This method will help your lips become moist, soft and natural.


Sugar – Massage your lips for 3 minutes with unprocessed sugar.


Rose petals and milk – Crush some rose petals and create a paste by adding some milk in a small bowl. Apply the paste with the help of a cotton on your lips before going to bed for 10-15 minutes.


Milk skid – Apply a 3-minute massage with a milk slip to your lips and leave it on all night

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