Only two days to melt body fat forever


If you want to get rid of body fat, here is a simple recipe for a healthy juice that helps you get rid of body fat. You should drink this juice in the evening, and you will start to feel its benefits after only two days.


the components :


A large tomato


Half a peeled lemon


and water


All you have to do is:





Mix all the ingredients with a blender and drink it before bed.


It should be noted that one of the benefits of tomatoes is removing germs and activating the movement of the kidneys, and tomatoes act as a disinfectant for the intestines, and contain iron metal, and tomatoes can be used to reduce and treat acidity, and they are useful for people with diabetes because there is a very small amount of carbohydrates and can be used in slimming, and eating tomatoes Opens the natural pores and channels in the body.

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