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Oily skin problems and their treatment - Care Beauty

Oily skin problems and their treatment


Today we talk about the most important problems of oily skin and its treatment, some of these problems may be treated by adopting some new habits and getting rid of old ones to keep your skin clear, here are the details.

Oily skin pills

Skin pimples appear due to the increased secretion of oil on oily skin, the accumulation of fungi and bacteria and the lack of constant cleaning, in addition to poor choice of skin care products.

Treating oily skin pills

Choose oil-free skin care products.

Choose a lotion suitable for oily skin and clean it twice a day.

Consult a doctor to find out the best medicinal creams for acne.

Apply natural recipes that contain antiseptic ingredients to get rid of fungi and bacteria that cause acne.

Clean the skin from the effects of make-up before bed.

Excess oils in oily skin

Most women with oily skin suffer from the appearance of excess oils on the skin, and they may not realize that some of their actions increase the secretion of oils.

Treatment of excess oils in oily skin

Stay away from anxiety and tension, as recent research has proven the relationship of anxiety and tension with increased secretion of oils on the skin.

Reducing sitting in hot weather to not increase the secretion of oils further, and avoid cleaning the skin with hot water.

Avoid eating spicy foods and fried foods because they increase the secretion of oils on the skin.

Do not apply a foundation or blush that contains oils.

Spots and pigmentation in oily skin

Many women with oily skin complain of spots and pigmentation resulting from acne scars, and here it can be treated in a number of ways:

Treatment of spots and pigmentation in oily skin

Exfoliate the skin on a daily basis with a gentle scrub prescribed by a doctor.

Apply sunscreen for oily skin on a daily basis to avoid pigmentation caused by the sun.

Apply natural recipes for peeling oily skin on a weekly basis.

Peeling stubborn spots at a dermatologist, especially if oily skin is sensitive.

Skin luminosity in oily skin

Glossiness of the skin is a problem for those with oily skin and it may be embarrassing at times, but with some tricks and changes, it can be mitigated and even eliminated.

Treating skin shine in oily skin

Do not apply skin care creams or makeup containing oils.

Mineral makeup application helps absorb excess oils and leaves you with a matte complexion.

Apply anti-shine sunblock.

Avoid sitting in high heat.

Large pores in oily skin

It is the clearest sign that you have oily skin, which is annoying and causes blackheads to appear in the skin, but every problem has a solution with skin experts.

Treating large pores in oily skin

Every morning, pass an ice cube over your skin after cleaning, this step helps shrink pores.

Always clean your skin with cold or lukewarm water, even in winter.

Be sure to make a steam bath for the skin in order to help clean the large pores and remove the dirt inside them, this helps reduce their size and avoid skin inflammation.

Cleanse your skin regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and oils in large pores.

These are the most important problems with oily skin and its treatment. Apply and say goodbye to your imperfections