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Oily skin peeling method - Care Beauty

Oily skin peeling method


Skin cells go through many stages, eventually ending up in the upper layers of your skin. While each cell gives up its internal fluids to form a barrier of dead skin cells on the epidermis.

It is one of the most important steps to care for oily skin, and it is necessary to keep the skin healthy so as to get rid of the thick layer of dead cells on the surface.

It also balances the production of fat to protect the skin from clogging pores that cause acne, blackheads and white and remove excess fat from them.

What are the benefits of peeling for oily skin?

If you think that regular peeling for people with dry skin, you are mistaken. Even if you have oily skin there is still a layer of dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria on your face.

This layer of dirt and dead cells can easily slip into your pores and cause you pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. But keep in mind that oily skin peeling should be done once or twice a week.

To get the most out of peeling:

Rub gently for 3-5 minutes no more, so as not to irritate your skin and make it more susceptible to bacteria.

Moisturizing is the most important step after exfoliation so as not to cause dry skin.

Always use clean hands or a brush when peeling.

How to exfoliate oily skin

Peeled oats, yogurt and honey:

To exfoliate oily skin you can use three ingredients for deep cleansing of pores.

You need to:

A tablespoon of oatmeal 

A tablespoon of yogurt 

A tablespoon of honey 

Method of preparation:

Mix both oatmeal, yogurt and honey in a bowl, mix well. Apply this scrub to your entire face. After Keep it for 15-20 minutes, wet your fingers and start rubbing it gently in circular motion for 3 minutes, then rinse with cold water to close the pores.

What good is this scrub?:

Oatmeal will deeply cleanse the pores, yogurt will remove excess oils, and honey will keep your skin moist and nutritious. What makes this scrub so good for cleaning deep pores and for removing excess sebum.

Peeled baking soda, honey and lemon:

Try this excellent scrub if you have pimples and acne to get rid of.

You need to:

A tablespoon of baking soda 

A tablespoon of lemon juice

A tablespoon of honey

Method of preparation:

Mix baking soda with lemon juice and honey, mix the ingredients well and then apply to your face using the fingers wet. Then gently rub it for 2-3 minutes, rinse with cold water.

What good is this scrub?:

Baking soda is an excellent natural cleanser for oily skin to get rid of excess oils. Lemon juice is a natural astringent and honey has anti-bacterial properties, all the ingredients will inhibit the formation of acne. You can also use it on your body while bathing.

Peeled orange and:

Oily skin can look dull due to excess oil on it, but you can get rid of pallor with sugar and orange scrub.

You need to:

3-4 tablespoons of orange juice

1 tablespoon of sugar

Method of preparation:

Mix the orange juice in a bowl and mix it with sugar, you can also add a tablespoon of honey.

Now rub the face and neck using this scrub gently for 4-5 minutes.

Rinse the skin with cold water.

This procedure will not only exfoliate dead skin from your face, but also remove excess oil and make the skin glowing when used every week.

Peeled cornstarch, yogurt and lemon:

Cornstarch has properties to absorb excess fat from the skin so you can use it with several ingredients to exfoliate oily skin.

You need to:

2 tablespoons of cornstarch 

2 tablespoons of yogurt 

A tablespoon of lemon juice

Method of preparation:

Simply combine cornstarch and mix it with yogurt and lemon juice, mix the ingredients well and then rub it on your face with fingertips for 5 minutes. When you finish, you can use cold water to rinse face and close the pores.

What good is this scrub?:

Corn starch will remove excess fat

Yogurt prevents the formation of acne

Honey promotes skin health and smoothness of her

Peeled egg whites and sea salt:

The egg white removes excess oil and sebum from oily skin and prevents the appearance of acne, pimples and blackheads.

You need to:

Egg whites 

A tablespoon of sea salt

Method of preparation:

Whisk the egg whites until foaming, mix with salt and mix well. 

Massage your face with this scrub gently for 3-4 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Peeled brown sugar, honey and olive oil:

You need to:

Two tablespoons of brown sugar 

Spoon of honey 

A spoonful of olive oil 

Method of preparation:

Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar and a teaspoon of honey and olive oil in a bowl.

Stir well, apply to your face.

Rub these ingredients with clean fingers from the chin upwards in a circular motion for 2 – 3 minutes.

Then rinse your face thoroughly with warm water followed by cold water to close the pores.

Dry your face and continue to follow this scrub twice a week.

Peeled almonds and honey:

Almonds are good for oily skin, it removes excess fat from the face and gives him softness. As that honey removes bacteria and enhances the benefits of almonds.

You need to:

A small handful of almonds

Two teaspoons of honey

Method of preparation:

Grind the almond seeds and mix them with honey until you get a paste.

Apply this scrub to the skin and rub it with fingertips.

After 5 minutes rinse with cold water.

Peeled tomatoes, oats and rose water:

You will need:

A spoon of tomato pulp 

Two tablespoons of oatmeal

A spoonful of rose water or milk

Method of preparation:

Cut a grain of tomato in half and squeeze the pulp to extract the juice from it and mix it with oatmeal in a bowl.

Use this scrub to gently rub your face for 3 minutes.

After that, rinse with warm water followed by cold water.

Follow this process twice a week.