Nutritious Seeds


In the present era, the benefits of seeds are judged in the first row of the food list. It can be said that the benefit of the seed is that , which can increase our digestive power and adds nutrients to the body. If you want to keep your body healthy and exercise every day, it is necessary to get nutritious food. There are different types of foods are available in the market, but we often do not know which of them is good and which is bad. Some foods are highly essential but some are not. Maximum foods or veggies contain seeds those are for sometimes highly nutritious in our health. Today, seeds in the foods are snatching attractions to our healthy body. Seeds in the foods may increase the power of essence . Edible seeds can cure many more harmful diseases.

Few some edible seed explanations are in following.


Flaxseed– Flaxseed contains good fat, antioxidants, protein and fiber. Flaxseed is better for our health heart and it can reduce the level of cholesterol from our heart. Those who are the patients of blood sugar, constipation, they can eat flaxseed to cure themselves. To prepare flaxseed more properly we should fry the seeds in a dry container. After making roast of those flaxseed just need to crush them properly. You can mix the crushed flaxseed with atta to prepare your Roti.


Chia Seeds– It contains fiber, protein, calcium, mangnese, phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acids, and huge antioxidants. Chia seeds not only reduce our health heart problems but it can help to strong our bones. Chia seeds can reduce our starches and carbohydrates from our blood. It can help us control our chronic inflammation and it helps to control our metabolic rates. You can take Chia seeds in your oats diet by sinking it in the water to take the nutritious food oats. Otherwise you can use Chia seeds in  your pudding or muffin diet.


Pumpkin seeds – It contains huge kind of Vitamin K, Iron, Zinc, Copper, etc. To eat it regularly can help to keep better our prostrate. Prostrate gland. It can reduces the chance of cancer. It can reduce the chance if insomnia. You can try it with a dry frying pan to fry it better and to mix them well with salad toppings, otherwise to sprinkle it on the sarbet drink. Otherwise you can use it daily in our fruits bowl diet to sprinkle it in properly.


Sunflower seeds– Sunflower seeds have been originated from Sunflower. It’s easy to chewing and easy appetite to take the seeds few some. The seeds can reduce the chance of few types of vicious cancers. It can protect the bone damaging and it can reduce the chance of sugar from our blood. Here contains good types of protein, fiber, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin E, Magnesium, Selenium, and Copper. You can eat it by frying it properly in a frying pan in your snacks meal or sprinkling it in your salad diets.


Basil Seeds – It is looking like small types of with black colored and it can be swelling up by sinking it in a warm water. It contains huge types of nutrients. For reducing our weight or to control in it basil seeds are highly essential to eat regularly. It can also control our body temperature and it can reduce the chance of constipation and acidity.


Sesame seeds – It is filled with Calcium, antioxidants, types of materials. It can protect our liver functions. It can help us to increase our digestion power, help us to protect our teeth and bones.You can eat the seeds in your salad diets. It is helpful to protect our health. From the sesame seeds, we can get sesame oil better.


Fennel seeds – It is absolutely essential to remove our bad breath. So it is also known in an another way mouth fresheners. It contains good quality antioxidants are like – quercetin and kaempferol types of antioxidants. It can help us to reduce our nerve diseases and any kind of virus flu types of diseases. It contains magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, calcium, manganese, potassium types of important minerals. Fennel seeds can cool our intestine. You can drink water with mixing up fennel seeds too. You can use fennel seeds in your cooking. Otherwise few some bad effects of it and that your should avoid. 


Grape seeds – It contains huge kind of antioxidants, thus it is called antibacterial, anti allergic, and anti inflammatory. It can help us to increase the movements of our bone joint functions. Those who are the patients of lower eye sight problems, they can take the seeds regularly. It can protect our teeth damage functions, arthritis, and ulcers types of diseases.You can eat the seeds with mixing up in your sarbet drink. 


Finally, you can take all types of seeds in your daily diet but you need to take helps first from your dietician. Here’s the new process is Called Granola which is a unique process and throughout in it you can mix up all the seeds collectively. Few some important methods to follow that how to eat? You can eat those Granola either with organic honey, organic sugar. You should take two tablespoons daily the Granola to keep your health well . 

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