Not Trying Regret! 11 Yoga Moves to Help Color Your Sex Life

One of today’s most popular sports, yoga is not only preferred to have a fit body. He is also perfect for taking our sex life to the next level! 😊 Yoga, which helps us both relieve stress and stretch our muscles, comes to the rescue of those who want to add passion and excitement to their sex life. We have researched and compiled various yoga positions that can be practiced by almost everyone and will add color to your sex life. From oral sex to anal sex, you’ll be dying to try these positions! 😏 Here are 11 simple yoga moves that will help your sex life skyrocket…


1. Prasarita Padottanasana


A great position for oral and anal sex, prasarita padottanasana allows your pelvic muscles to open backwards. In this way, your partner can reach much deeper. If you wish, you can get support from the bench or table while performing this movement.


2. Titli Asana


This position, which is also recommended for oral sex, can also be done with the help of a block or cushion. An ideal yoga move for stretching your hips, the titling asana is also great for preparing your body for a variety of positions.


3. Ananda Balasana


This position, which offers a deeper vaginal or anal union, is very easy as you can see from the photo! If you have trouble reaching for your toes, you can use a yoga belt, belt or towel. This move, which allows you to stretch your inner thighs, is ideal for those who want to add passion and excitement to the missionary position.


4. Uttanasana


If you prefer to make love standing up rather than in bed, this yoga movement is for you! Uttanasana, which allows us to strengthen the muscles we work while making love standing up, is not as difficult as it seems. If you find it difficult to fix your hands on the ground, you can use various heights such as a yoga block. In addition to this movement BDSM lovers!


5. Bhujangasana


Lying face down on the floor, bhujangasana is great for both anal and vaginal sex. Moreover, it is often preferred for oral sex. If you wish, you can place a bolster under your groin area to support your hips.


6. Supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana


A great position to stimulate the P and G points, the setu bandha sarvangasana allows your pelvic floor muscles to contract naturally. In this way, it allows you to both maintain the positions for a longer time and enjoy more. You can do this movement without supporting your waist, or you can do this by placing a towel or block on your waist.


7. Adho Mukha Svanasana


This position, which we can call a variation of doggy style, offers a deep vaginal and anal intercourse. Adho mukha svanasana, which you can choose to warm up before sex, is one of the positions you should definitely try for a hotter sex life.


8. Balasana


Balasana, which is a great position especially for anal sex, is a yoga movement that can be easily done by almost anyone. This position, which is preferred as a resting movement in yoga, is very ideal for stretching your hips.


9. Uttana Shishosana


This position, which allows your partner to stimulate both your vagina and your clitoris at the same time; A must for better, faster and stronger sex! If you wish, it is also possible to make things much faster by using a towel, belt or belt.


10. Chakravakasana


This position, which increases pelvic mobility, is ideal for both anal and vaginal sex. Chakravakasana, which allows your tailbone to open and settle in an ideal way, is one of the yoga movements that will add color to your sex life in the long run.


11. Shavasana


Voted one of the best yoga moves for sex by relationship experts, shavasana is a great way to immerse yourself in your partner’s arms. This position, which helps you relieve both physical and mental tension, can be preferred before or after sex.





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