Negative emotions destroy the immune system

Scientists have confirmed that cases of physical or psychological abuse that a person may be exposed to in childhood and cause him pain, the effects of which remain in the subconscious until a later time, negatively affect the autoimmune system, and the person may feel that this system is working against his benefit, and that he deserves the pain he suffers. His moral and moral standing is constantly declining, and that he is not worthy of health and well-being.
This is what many preventive health patients acknowledge and what they tell doctors who specialize in treating the autoimmune system, asking them why they suffer from a loss of self-confidence and self-worth.
Doctors often confirm to them – after hearing the history of the injury – that the reason is the abuse they received on the physical and psychological levels at an early age – such as punishment, discipline, reprimand and criticism – while they were young, whether on the part of parents or on the part of teachers or as a result of cases of bullying on the part of their older colleagues. The oldest and strongest body in the school. This means that abuse comes in different forms to affect the individual.
Reactions also differ from one person to another – some individuals may see that abuse is something that happens sometimes and is easy to overcome, while others see that it is painful, arouses anger and resentment, and causes feelings of sadness and depression automatically. Some people even judge some actions on the part of others as harmful. And hurtful, while others judge it as normal and not worthy of angry reactions.
A person – as is known – is the one who harms or comforts himself according to his thinking or his mood, but the person – at a young age – is more sensitive and affected, and he even sympathizes with others if he sees that they are being harmed and shares this poetry with them, and these negative feelings are deposited in himself to remain in him. The subconscious “the subconscious mind” over time, and these painful feelings negatively affect the autoimmune system. What is strange is that some people think that they deserve this abuse, and this is what causes his injury to worsen, and his self-confidence and self-worth to be shaken.
Among the parts of the body that are exposed to more injuries and diseases over time are the heart, thyroid gland, spleen, pancreas, stomach, and gallbladder.
To treat this medical condition, you must think seriously about your condition and begin to get rid of the painful memories of the past and forget the aforementioned harms and the negative feelings that accompany them that are harmful and not beneficial. You must convince yourself that what happened has happened and is in the past and will not be repeated. This means starting with a new page of trust and faith. Self-abilities, openness to others, benefiting from past experiences, and affirming self-confidence.
This high morale will have a healthy impact on the body’s various systems, especially the immune system, in addition to the positive psychological effect that guarantees the person more feelings of comfort, joy and happiness.

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