Natural ways to treat pregnancy cracks

How to treat pregnancy cracks naturally through my site  , pregnant women suffer a lot from the pain they are exposed to during pregnancy, especially during the last months of pregnancy, they may suffer from cracks in the skin of the abdomen, which is one of the most annoying side effects of pregnancy and childbirth, which is about Fine lines appear on the surface of the skin, as well as they may suffer from an increase in body weight as a result of excess water, and the first thing the mother thinks of after childbirth is how to treat pregnancy cracks, and look for a way to get rid of that problem.

How to treat pregnancy cracks naturally

Pregnancy cracks after childbirth can be treated in several natural ways that do not harm the skin, but rather help make it moist, and this is through the following:

Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the skin.
  • It boosts the production of collagen that is beneficial for the skin.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory and is used by massaging cracked areas, leaving a period of time on the skin and is not removed directly.

Cocoa Butter

  • It is easily absorbed by the skin and helps moisturize the skin.
  • Reduces signs of chapped skin.
  • Massage the affected areas once or twice a day after showering and do not rinse.

olive oil


  • It contains antioxidants that treat cell damage, thus helping to get rid of stretch marks.
  • Massage the affected areas with it, preferably heating it before use, and remain on these places for 30 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

argan oil

  • Argan oil is one of the oils that contain some vitamins, in addition to some fatty acids and nutrients that make the skin more supple and reduce inflammation, thus reducing the cracking of the skin.
  • It is used by placing a few drops of argan oil on the affected areas once a day after taking a shower

aloe vera gel

  • It is extracted from aloe vera, and it has many therapeutic benefits, as well as cosmetic benefits.
  • It is used by massaging the affected areas once daily.


  • Lemon one of its most important properties is that it contains natural acids that help you get rid of the signs of cracks in the skin.
  • Massage the affected areas on the skin with lemon juice with a piece of cotton, and leave it for no more than ten minutes.


  • Turmeric helps solve skin and skin problems because it contains curcumin, which is one of the beneficial substances for the skin.
  • The way to use it is to mix turmeric powder in water, lemon juice or coconut juice, then mix them together until it becomes like dough, then paint the affected areas once or twice a day.


  • After consulting a doctor, some women resort to following a diet, because it contains some nutrients that help promote skin health.
  • Reduce breakouts such as proteins, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C.



Exercise in itself is a healthy habit to maintain the health of the body. It helps stimulate blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the skin and thus reduces cracking of the skin during pregnancy.


Causes of cracks in the skin

Skin cracks are a common occurrence, and they are lines that appear in the abdomen of a pregnant woman, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy and continue until after birth.

  • It occurs as a result of the breakdown of collagen cells in the outer layer of the abdomen.
  • Extension caused by fetal growth.
  • Fluid retention in the body.
  • Weight gain or loss leads to the rupture of body cells, so weight should be monitored.
  • Vigorous exercise causes red cracks to appear in the body.
  • Also, dry skin due to insufficient water intake contributes to the appearance of red cracks in the skin.
  • The side effects of some therapeutic drugs help in the appearance of cracks.
  • Some health disorders may help the appearance of cracks in the skin.


Skin stretching creams for pregnant women

These creams are important in preventing and treating stretch marks as soon as they appear, as well as after childbirth. These creams are as follows:

Mustela cream

  • A French cream that is placed on the abdomen during pregnancy. It helps prevent these stretches from appearing. It is also placed after childbirth to treat cracks that appeared during pregnancy.
  • Contains moisturizing and nourishing beeswax and shea butter.
  • It always makes the skin smooth.

American Palmer’s Cream

  • It hides the stretch marks that appeared during pregnancy.
  • Bio Oil
  • It is a safe natural oils that treat stretch marks, it is preferable to use it under the advice of a doctor.

Sanosan cream

  • It is used during pregnancy and after childbirth, in order to get rid of pregnancy cracks and moisturize the skin.
  • Medical treatments for abdominal cracks after childbirth


  • It is made from a mixture of onion extract and hyaluronic acid. It is used daily and its effective results begin after 12 weeks from the beginning of its treatment.
  • superficial peeling
  • It helps to renew the outer surface of the skin.

retinol creams

  • It produces collagen and performs the treatment within 6 weeks of using it.
  • laser treatment
  • It is recommended to use laser treatment, especially after childbirth, because of its high benefit.


By the end, we have come to know how to treat natural pregnancy cracks that occur as a result of fluid retention in the body, using some natural materials such as turmeric and aloe vera, with the use of some creams that restore the skin’s freshness

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