Natural ways to help boost immunity against the Corona virus


Strengthening immunity to confront the Corona virus (COVID-19), which is a new virus within a large family called coronaviruses, “Corona” that affects the respiratory system and ranges in severity from the common cold to more serious diseases such as “SARS” and “Mers”, and no treatment has been discovered for COVID-19 so far.


Strengthening immunity to fight corona virus

How do we improve our immunity to face the infection of the corona virus? There is no food, no medicine, no magic pill, and there is no need to take it today to improve your immunity

The effect of food and nutritional supplements on immunity is a cumulative effect and a long-term effect

One of the most important things for a strong immune system

– Sleep (at least 8 hours)
– Reduce psychological pressure because stress and anxiety weaken the immune
– Exercise (150 minutes per week, 3000 steps per day)
– Healthy and healthy eating complete in its nutrients

There is no vitamin tablet or nutritional supplement that replaces food. It is never called a dietary supplement. We help eating with it, but eating is the most important.

What food completely suppresses immunity?

– Soft drinks
– Processed foods and fast foods
– Trans fats and hydrogenated oils
– Sugars and drinks with high sugar (it’s like local juice, even if natural)
– Alcoholic beverages
– Smoking (uh, I don’t eat but a disease that affects the respiratory system, I think the issue is very two pills)

What do we help (and under help many lines) with?

– Vitamin C one tablet per day
– Zinc one tablet
per day – Vitamin D 2000IU per day

Children under 14 years
Vitamin D 400-600 IU per day

In a food supplement called Sanswamyeon, this is a drink rich in vitamin C and zinc. Take a small spoonful twice a day


important information

  • Spraying the body with alcohol or chlorine does not kill the virus, but may be harmful to clothing or mucous membranes (such as the eyes and mouth).
  • Household pets may spread the virus and hands should be washed with soap and water after handling pets.
  • Antibiotics are not effective in preventing the virus, they only kill germs.
  • Masks should not be reused and not touched from the front, and using the N95 respirator mask protects against the virus only when used correctly.
  • Regular rinsing of the nose with saline does not prevent infection with the virus.
  • Corona can affect all age groups, especially the elderly and people with medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease).
  • Hand dryers are not effective in eliminating the virus within 30 seconds, but hands should be cleaned by rubbing them with an alcohol-based disinfectant or washing them with soap and water, then using dryers.
  • Eating garlic does not prevent infection with the virus.
  • There are still no specific medicines to prevent or treat the virus, perform tests, and chest x-rays are the most reliable tests for the Corona virus

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