Natural remedies for yellowing teeth and tartar

There are many reasons for yellowing the teeth or changing their color from the natural white. Among these reasons are the following: food and drink, the most important of which is coffee, tea and soft drinks, smoking, lack of dental care and advancing age. To get rid of yellowing teeth and tartar in natural ways, follow the following instructions:



Salt and charcoal are taken in equal amounts, and that is kneaded in honey, and in the morning it is rubbed on the teeth. (fitter)



Take a banana peel and using the inside of it, rub it on the teeth for two minutes, and the different minerals that the peel contains, such as potassium, magnesium and manganese, will whiten the teeth.



Sea foam (tongue of the sea according to the apothecary) with salt in equal amounts, which is rubbed on the teeth and causes whiteness and removal of tartar.