Natural moisturizer for chapped hands

Natural moisturizer for chapped hands

With the advent of winter, the skin needs constant hydration, especially the hands that are exposed to more cracks.
Here, we offer you a way to prepare a natural moisturizer that you can apply daily without fear of chemicals. Learn how to prepare it with us, according to your beauty website.

Natural moisturizer for chapped hands

Half a cup of almond oil or olive oil, as desired.
Quarter cup of coconut oil.
Quarter cup of beeswax.
A teaspoon of vitamin E. (Sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules)
Any essential oils as desired.

Preparation method
– mix all the ingredients in a jar after washing and drying it well.
Put the jar in a bowl of water and leave it on the fire after covering it, until all the ingredients begin to melt.
Shake the jar well to mix all the ingredients together.
Leave to freeze and ready for daily use.


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