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Natural mixtures: iced tea for shiny eyes!

The eye is considered the mirror of beauty, so women give it great importance, especially since, according to some, it indicates many personality traits. The Arab woman, who is known for the beauty of her eyes in terms of color and pattern, does not underestimate the importance of taking care of her eyes. On the contrary, she is busy preserving her beauty, and we see her focusing on Arabic kohl and mascara, but she neglects that the beauty of the eyes also requires taking care of the health and sparkle of the eye itself, and not With just her makeup.

In this context, we offer you a magic tea mixture for sparkling eyes.

You need:

Leaf tea.

An appropriate amount of water.

Cotton for removing makeup.


Prepare a cup of tea without adding sugar.

Place it in the freezer until the surface layer freezes – it will turn white -, then use the tea as a liquid to clean the eyes, and do not be afraid of touching the eyes with the tea, as it does not harm. On the contrary, it gives the eyes an unparalleled sparkle.

Relax a little and then repeat the process. You will then notice an unparalleled shine.



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