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natural mixture made by your hands at home whitening body

Body color usually fades with continuous exposure to various environmental factors, between the heat of the sun, the cold wind, and the various chemicals found in creams and shampoos. Or a special occasion such as engagement or marriage, and the following are some of these mixtures.

The ingredients of the mixture:

half a liter of pure milk + stone soap for the body + a package of white body lotion + a small flower water package+ three packages of liquid oxygen at a degree of 6%+ three bags of white oxygen powder.
Method of preparation: Pour the entire amount of milk into the metal bowl, and leave it on medium heat until it heats up. Brush the stone soap using fine brush teeth. Add the soap spray to the hot milk, and stir continuously with the wooden spoon until it is completely dissolved in the milk. Add the amount of white body wash and rose water to the mixture of milk and soap spray, while continuing to stir without stopping. Add the amount of liquid oxygen and its white powder to the rest of the ingredients in the metal pot, while continuing to stir and stir, until the mixture becomes a creamy texture Heavy. The mixture is poured into the plastic container, and left in the refrigerator until it cools. Method of use The mixture comes out of the refrigerator a while before you start using it. Apply the mixture on the body for five minutes, and then clean it with water and shampoo. Continue to use the mixture for a whole week

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