Natural Facial Cleansing Lotion

Are you ready to make a natural facial cleansing tonic? You can create wonders on your skin in a short time thanks to the natural facial cleansing water that you will prepare at home.


The pores are clogged with polluted air and the remnants of make-up materials and the skin cannot breathe.


Some skin reacts by getting pimples, others by drying and exfoliating. If the necessary care is not given to skin care and cleaning, none of the masks and creams applied will not work and will remain on the surface. Therefore, skin care starts with cleaning.


You can easily take care of your skin thanks to the natural lotion that you can prepare with the materials in your own home.


Ingredients for natural facial cleansing


1 tablespoon rosemary

2 tablespoons of dried chamomile

4 glasses of water


Those who say how to make natural face cleaning at home will be very pleased with this mixture.


The method of facial cleansing with natural herbs will be very useful for you.


Making a natural facial cleansing tonic


Boil rosemary and chamomile for 15 minutes. After it is warm, strain it and put it in a glass container. Store in the refrigerator.


Prepare fresh once every 5 days. It will deteriorate as there is no preservative in it.


Rosemary in this mixture will purify your skin from germs, while chamomile will help it gain brightness and vitality.


Both sensitive and oily skin can use this tonic recipe.



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